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Crown Spa is one of my favourite spas because it is so decadent and I love decadence.

When you really want to spoil yourself this is the place to go.

The staff who greeted me were very friendly and they led me into a main room that was peaceful and luxurious. Everything was in an off white colour. I sank into a wonderfully plush chair and filled out my questionnaire. 메이저놀이터

Looking up at the ceiling I saw soft off white fabric gathered into the centre. It was very dreamy and romantic. Very calming. I felt like a princess in her boudoir.

I was offered tea with other refreshments.

The questionnaire was about my skin type and condition which I always hate filling out because my skin type changes all the time and I never know what to write.

Once that was done I was introduced to my therapist. She then proceeded to take me through a labyrinth to get to my treatment room. So many rooms and hallways where do they all go…

One hallway leads to the suite pictured below.

My therapist was a lovely chatty lady who gave me first class service.

I had an Aromatherapy Body Salt glow which was just heaven. The table was comfortable that I was on and the massage and treatment divine.

I always worry when I have any skin treatments as I have the worlds most sensitive skin but all went well. Lucky I filled out that questionnaire. So it is good for something.

The body treatment was followed by the Ultra Sensitive Facial. Again I was worried about the steam machine they use over your face. I had a terrible experience previously with it but my very good therapist kept a good eye on me and again it was incredibly relaxing and totally enjoyable.

Once all was done I felt like I was floating on cloud nine. It felt like I had an out of body inexperience. It was pure sublime pleasure.

The only hiccup was when the bed I was on that was controlled by a foot pedal stalled. The bed was quite low and I got a bit worried but my therapist kept pressing that pedal and after a little bit of time it started working to my and her relief.

They also have one of the best beauty salons Melbourne Australia has to offer. There is a hairdressing salon there as well. So they have all bases covered concerning hair and beauty.

The spa is right outside the glamorous pool with lovely sandstone and a waterfall that quietly flows into the pool.

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