Get This OPPO A15s Image For Illustration Purposes Only


The Oppo A15 is equipped with all the latest features making it a good buy for the travelers. The phone is equipped with 16 megapixels camera, optical zoom, dual tone LED flash, and high resolution screen. Connectivity options in the Oppo A15 range include GPS and Wi-Fi. Cameras built in the Oppo A series have built in image stabilization, low light sensors, auto focus, facial recognition, etc. The OPPO A series also includes a heart rate monitor, barometer, temperature monitor, ambient lighting, GPS connectivity and some other special features.

The OPPO A15s comes with a unique self-cleaning feature which automatically cleans the rear camera and the LCD display to ensure that it has no dust or any dirt before the user takes his or her selfies. There is a system called OxygenOS which uses an advanced algorithm to clean the unit. This ensures that the camera functions perfectly and stays free of any sort of impurities. It does not matter what kind of model the Oppo A series is as the OPPO A series works perfectly with all the different kinds of models.

There are many users who have been waiting for the OPPO A series as they have been impressed by the A series’ camera. The OPPO A series has a unique self cleaning mechanism, which helps to keep the camera free from all kinds of pollutants. The OPPO A series also features a quad core Mediatek Helio P35 processor along with four mega megapixel camera on the rear camera and two mega pixels on the front camera. There are also lots of things like motion sensor and OLP neutral tone technology on this amazing handset. OPPO A15s

The OPPO A series has been launched in China where it first launched and sold in limited stores. In the second week of May, the OPPO A series was launched in UK in some mobile stores and in September it was available online. The OPPO A series has been made available in different colors such as silver, blue, gold, red and other colours which have really made it popular among people.

When talking about the camera, the OPPO A series has got one thing right and that is it has got a micro lens. The OPPO A series has got a 15mp resolution camera which makes every photo perfect and gives you the best quality images. This micro lens enables you to take high definition photos even in dimly lit situations. The OPPO A series has got a high endurance battery, a system which supports data backup and also a built in GPS chip which makes it extremely handy and functional. Along with all these features, the OPPO A series also comes with a very good and efficient auto focus and manual focus sensors.

With the OPPO A series, you get the advantage of Android operating system, which has been modified for better performance. The OPPO A series can work perfectly with any of the carrier’s network in UK. All the features of this handset are packed into a single device which has kept the costs down to a minimum. The OPPO A series comes with a 2 mega pixel, clear camera with image stabilization, an excellent speaker and also a vibrating touch sensitive screen. The OPPO A series offers you a lot of extra facilities as well such as a high resistance lithium battery, USB cable, SIM card adapter and a Data recovery accessory. The OPPO A series runs on a quad core 1.2 Ghz Allwinner CPU and also has an ARM Mali processor.

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